Our Values

To support our mission, the values that underpin our work and are expected from all our staff are as follows:

  • Respectful – Treating people in a way that you would expect to be treated yourself
  • Ambitious – Be brave and challenge ourselves to be the best, enhancing opportunities for the people we support and the wider organisation
  • Open – Be transparent and honest within our work
  • Inclusive – Value the contributions of all team members and people’s wider network
  • Positive – To progress sometimes we need to take positive risks and accept things can occasionally go wrong
  • Creative – Success isn’t easily found, sometimes we need to work harder and more creatively to find opportunities to make a difference
  • Adaptable – Things don’t always fit neatly into boxes, sometimes we need to think or work differently
  • Supportive – Life isn’t always straight forward, sometimes people, including our staff, need additional support when they are going through a difficult time
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